Jenin Hospital Project

This project implies the construction and installation of a photovoltaic power generating plant on the roof of the Jenin Charitable Hospital in Gaza.  The plant has been specifically designed to cover the energy needs for the entire hospital, and to include storage energy components for emergency purposes.

This is a small scale technical solution for the new Jenin hospital wich, prior to the installation of the first modulus of the plant, struggled to overcome daily energy shortages by using expensive and non renewable oil based power generators.  The hospital was forced to reduce to 4 hours per day, the 24/7 services it could potentially offer a community of almost 200,000 individuals.

With the installation of the first out of the three designed moduli, the Hospital is now operative 17 hours a day, and could increase up to 173% the number of patients that could profit of its services.  It is now the first hospital being completely off grid in the Gaza strip.

This plant will offer sustainable energy and help to maintain functional and reliable public health facilities, which are crucial services for the peaceful development of a society. In addition to providing a valuable service to the city of Gaza, the plant will represent a beacon of hope and a model for the long term objective of assuring decentralized energy security, and eventually sustainable prosperity in Palestine.

A seed that will grow in the sun

There are many reasons why Palestinians should make photovoltaic cells and solar energy part of their daily life. Among the major incentives is the fact that renewable energy sources will safeguard the environment. By being involved in our project, the citizens of Gaza will have the additional benefit of strengthening the community-bond around Jenin hospital. The hospital will serve the city with health care, energy supply, and symbolically pave the path toward a cleaner and more effectively sustainable means of living.

As a result of prompt action and fund rising, we expect there will be positive long term benefits that will arise from a society flourishing in a safe environment. When basic medical services and energy supply are provided, the resulting increase in the quality of life will allow fathers to go to work, mothers to give birth to healthy babies, and children to go to school. Altogether this project represents the key for a better future for Gazan’s.

March 2014, the installation of the first modulus of the PV plant on the roof of the Jenin Charitable Hospital in Gaza


Once the equipment is installed and commissioned, because it is a mature technology with high reliability, it is anticipated that it will require little attention during its lifetime of 20+ years. The technology is not particularly sophisticated and local maintenance and repair will not be beyond reasonably competent qualified electricians.

Moreover a team of local electricians will be trained for an optimal maintenance of the plant. Because of the increasing implementation of PV systems throughout the world, the availability of spare parts should never be an issue. The components are guaranteed for a period of 10 years.

March 2014, the installation of the first modulus of the PV plant on the roof of the Jenin Charitable Hospital in Gaza


The Hospital

Jenin Hospital is a paradigm in providing humanitarian healthcare services to the Palestinian citizens of Gaza City.

The Hospital is located in a very densely populated area, and serves a community of more than 200,000 individuals in the areas of Al-shijaia, Al-zayton, Al shaaf and Al-tuffah.

It is a very modern building that houses dental, otolaryngology, dermatology and abdominal clinics; psychiatric, vascular surgery, urology surgery, paediatrics and orthopaedic departments, and laboratories and a pharmacy.

Recently thanks to the support of the Welfare Association, both an obstetrics and gynaecology departments were added to the structure.

The mission

Jenin Hospital is a charitable organisation.
Its mission is to provide high quality and professional health care services needed by a vulnerable community.
It will achieve this by maintaining its many medical departments, specialised clinics, and operation theaters with modern equipment and ensuring it is staffed by highly qualified professional medical teams, selected and backed up by a dedicated hospital administration


  1. To provide quality health care to the widest range of people from the local community.

  2. To offer highly specialised medical services with qualified  doctors in all fields of medicine, keeping  pace with global developments in healthcare.

  3. To promote good health through encouraging healthy life styles, providing education on health issues and applying preventative health care.

  4. To provide all medical services at nominal and affordable prices for the residents of the area, where more than 80% of the population live below the poverty line.