Sustainable Water

Water is a precious and ineluctable right. According to the WHO standards all humans should have access to at least 70 to 100 litres of water per day. condensation-reflections-rain-on-glass-1516000-2560x1600

Both in the  Gaza strip and in the West Bank the access to water is very limited, and the continuous energy shortages, the destruction of the supply network, drained aquifers that have been contaminated by sea water  make the access to the hydric system a chimaera.

With our Sustainable water projects we propose viable alternatives to the water shortages.

Water can be either condensed and collected from the humidity in the air, and this leads to two different solutions depending on the target size; small self-made systems are possible for a family solution. Small machines that can be built with scrap material can condensate enough water to sustain a family of 7.

Rice&SaltOn the other size water can be collected from the air via igroscopic salts and more complicated machines, completely powered by renewable energies, can be built and provide enough water to power a building.

If water has to be given to a population of 5000-6000 inhabitants, different systems can be thought. Desalinator plants making use of graphene membranes, of energy recovery systems based on the ionic exchange between sweet and salty water, solar powered can be combined with sewer purification and provide enough water for a medium size population.